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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Pacific turtles 'gone in decade'
The steep decline of the Pacific Ocean leatherback turtle has gone so far the species could be extinct within no more than a decade, conservationists fear.

UK seeks ideas on recycling tyre mountain
The Guardian (UK)
What can you do with approximately 500 million used tyres? Answers please, urgently, to the Department of Trade and Industry, which fears that a massive rubber mountain will build up rapidly in the next three years as EU legislation demands that tyres are no longer dumped in landfill sites.

Tests urged for BSE variants
The Guardian (UK)
Scientific advisers to the government are pressing for further tests on cattle brains to establish whether there are different strains of BSE in cattle.

Women in cod protest
Two Fraserburgh women have chained themselves to the Scottish Parliament railings in a protest against the fishing deal agreed by the European Commission in December.

Giant 'slug' vies to be star of east
The Guardian (UK)
It may look like a giant slug, but a futuristic power station designed to run on anything from wood chippings and chicken droppings to household waste, could be a striking new landmark in the east of England.

Elgin wall to stop floods
The Scotsman (UK)
Moray councillors yesterday approved plans to build a massive flood-protection wall through the centre of Elgin as part of a £95 million scheme to prevent a repeat of the events which have devastated the town three times in the past seven years.

Government renewables pledge boosts energy targets
DEFRA - Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (UK)
At least ten per cent of the electricity government uses will be from renewable sources within four years, Ministers pledged today.

Progress report on greener consumer products
DEFRA - Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (UK)
Independent advisers say the government has made good progress in helping to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer goods and services but big challenges lie ahead.

Sustainable Scotland - Aye right
Friends of the Earth- Scotland (United Kingdom)
Increased recycling, use of renewables and more public transport projects will not be enough to make Scotland a sustainable country, Friends of the Earth has warned.

UK carbon dioxide emissions soared in 2004
Friends of the Earth- England, Wales and N.Ireland. (UK)
New Government figures released today indicate a big increase in greenhouse gas emissions in 2003. The increase was caused by a rise in energy consumption and a return to coal burning.